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Rokpa - Soup Kitchen

In 2018 we sold tibetan blankets to raise money for the ROKPA Soup Kitchen. Here is a picture of my wife giving Gelong Thubten a cheque for £650 which allowed them to make approximately 2000 meals !!! This is what their website says about the Soup Kitchen:

“ROKPA carries out a Soup Kitchen in Kathmandu from each December until the beginning of March. Local cooks and staff feed more than 600 street children and homeless people daily.

In the winter months, people from the poorest level of society in Nepal suffer the most: Many people do not have a roof over their heads and are without protection against the cold. Malnutrition, danger of infection, insufficient clothing and severe air pollution lead in many cases to sickness and not uncommonly to premature death.

Although by now there are more and more charitable projects in Kathmandu, these often do not reach the poorest of the poor. Many of them are sick, crippled or old and cannot earn their own livelihood. There is no governmental support whatsoever.

For these people, the ROKPA Soup Kitchen is vital. To satisfy their hunger, there is a small breakfast in the morning, lentils soup with potatoes and vegetables, and a portion of rice.”